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WordPress Security Compromised

There have been an increasing number of threats that involve “brute-force” attacks on tens of thousands of WordPress websites. This can be very scary and has led us to find a solution to recommend to our clients. 

First I strongly recommend you use a service called Sucuri. They just repaired and restored a client’s site in a matter of hours.  It’s not expensive and you will be very happy you have it if you get attacked.  Click on the image below to get there.


They will repair your site within hours, which can be a great relief. Be sure and add Server Side Scanning, which is a free firewall to prevent attacks if possible (nothing is totally foolproof).

While I’m not the more technically savvy person, and I leave that to my vendors, I want to re-iterate some very important Internet security practices, and if you haven’t done any of them recently, I would strongly suggest you do right away, and then proceed to install the program above!

 1. Change your WordPress login password once every 90 days, and make sure it’s secure. You can generate a secure password for yourself here:

2.Take the same precautions with your FTP/cPanel login passwords! Can’t stress this enough. If a password is unsecure and sitting in cyberspace for a while, it can (and eventually will) be hacked.

A Good Defense is a Good…Defense?

While a good offense is definately needed to prevent getting hacked, having a series of recent backups is very smart.

A Website is Like a Vehicle

You take care of your car, don’t you?  What’s better, to have a breakdown in the middle of the freeway, or to maintain your car so it won’t break down?  I rest my case.


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