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Why it is Important to Include a Call to Action on Your Website

Times have changed and these days, it simply isn’t enough to just have a website built by a website designer and assume enquiries will flood through and fill your mailbox from customers that are ready to buy your product or service.

Website visitors are more hesitant than ever, so aside of just making it easy for them to do so, you’ve really got to understand what makes website visitors tick and how you can use it to generate the right type of enquiries.

First of all, your website must have a call to action form that is in a prominent place on every single page.

Nothing’s worse than visiting a website with the intention of making an enquiry and not being able to find a place to do so! Visitors get annoyed and leave your website in less than 6 seconds if they can’t see what they’re looking for so don’t make them have to search for this.

So your call to action form will be made up of a heading, a few basic fields and a submit button. The text used in the heading and the submit button is extremely important and will determine the type of enquiry you receive.

Most of the people who visit your website will be made up of prospects that are curious about your product or service. They’re not yet ready to buy, so you need to first capture these leads with a generic offering of something they will value with a call to action such as:

-“Download the free info pack now!”
-“Get instant access to the demo!”

These prospects need to be nurtured through your online marketing funnel to help educate, convince and bring them to the buying stage.

The other type of enquiries you will receive (and a lot less of them) are qualified, “ready to buy” enquiries.  This type of lead is already aware of what you offer and convinced that they need this product or service.

Call to actions such as the following are much more likely to generate enquiries from prospects that are closer to spending money on your product or service.

-“Ready for a fast quote?”
-“Speak to a real person about getting started”

By knowing the difference, you can experiment and let your online marketing funnel educate, build credibility & bring prospects closer to the buying stage while you get to dedicate more time on leads/enquiries that are much more likely to be ready to buy now!

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