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Press Releases

Public relations used to involve writing a press release, identifying appropriate editors and writers, then sending out the release followed by a call.   While that still applies in many circumstances, the universal use of the internet has broadened the opportunities to get your news out to the world.

Marketing Impressions assists our clients in many ways to take advantage of new avenues.  Most of these PR outlets will help not only to inform your target market but will also contribute to your SEO, increasing your website’s ranking so you come up higher in website searches.

Here’s what we do-

  1. Help You to Think Like a Publisher.  You are what you publish these days.  It helps to build your reputation.
  2. We Research Journalists.  Journalists are looking on line for information.  Help them find yours.
  3. Read Reporters Blogs.   You can’t reach an audience you don’t know anything about.
  4. Headlines Count More than Ever.  Creative, provocative headlines make everyone curious.
  5. Send Press Releases Directly To Your Database.  Great PR includes programs to reach buyers directly.  I.e. Blogs, online news releases and web content let you communicate directly with buyers.
  6. Educate.  The goal of all press releases and web content is education.  Education sells.  Selling is a turn off.
  7. Micro-target When Ever Possible.   We can break your demographic into smaller groups to create content targeted to each micro niche.
  8. Weave Blogs In The Mix. Your blogs should have e-books, white papers and videos.  It’s easy to do, even if you are not a writer.
  9. Help You to Become a Curator.  Offer your market info you have previewed and served up to them.
  10. Research Keywords Before You Write. Understanding the keywords and phrases that buyers are using and deploying micro-campaigns to drive buyers to pages with the content they seek will increase you search engine rankings.
  11. Manage Your Content.   Include your website in the effort.  All your press releases should end up on your website.
  12. We Can Send Out Smaller Releases Or Articles Once A Week.  Why write one big all encompassing article or release when you can break it up for more bang.   .
  13. Use Real Life Examples Of Solutions To Problems. Get down to the essence of what your product solves and write good stories about that,  then publish them online.
  14. Design a Call to Action that Converts Leads to Buyers.  We write releases to be interesting to journalists and bloggers but also provide consumers with things to do, so they contact you.
  15. Build Your Database.   Contacts are everywhere.  Target and add to your database dialed-in bloggers, on-line news sites, micro-publications, public speakers, analysts, influentials, and consultants that reach targeted audiences that are looking for what you are selling.
  16. Distribute Press Your Releases Through Multiple Channels Online and Offline.

We have successfully generated local and national media exposure for many clients, including Oceanside Photo & Telescope, Red Rider Leg Lamps, San Diego PRIDE, OPT Citizen Science Foundation, the San Diego Marine Trade Association, and the San Diego International Airport.


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