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Public Relations

We used to do a workshop called “How to Get Your Name in the News,” when you could write a good press release, research the appropriate writers and send it to them.  Follow up with a phone call and pitch your story.  That’s so-o-o-o 15 minutes ago!

Everything has changed! Marketing and PR have merged where the lines separating them are not so sharp.  Now there are at least 12 ways you can broadcast your little press release.  It can even come up like a website in a keyword search.

We’ll going to show you how to think like a publisher, the importance of micro targeting to niche demographics, and direct to consumers tricks that put PR in your hands.  We will weave together blogging, article marketing, content management, educating, keywords and more so they are more like a stew than a salad!

Of course, we still write press releases and distribute them to a targeted email database.  Whether your story is local, national, or international, getting media coverage is still exciting and productive.  If you have a story, we’ll get it out there.

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