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The Best Way to Use Marketing Automation for Small Business

Up until now I have been cobbling together a series of marketing tools for clients.  By that I mean I stitch together several tactics, starting with writing a blog post.  Next I would post a teaser on some social media outlet, then re-purpose the same article as an email newsletter.  Then I could post it on an article directory, like  Here’s a graphic that tells that story.

Marketing Plan Cycle

Photo courtesy of Vicki Garcia

Basically I was cobbling this all together for a “campaign,” depending on the topic.  Great.  Tedious.  Time consuming.   Consider this, I dothis for several clients.  All day.  Every day.

For months I’ve been looking for “marketing automation” that could tie these separate tactics together and make it easier, not to mention reminding me where I am (since I forget what I have done unless I keep notes).  Unfortunately, all the marketing automation I could find was built for big companies with BIG budgets. HubSpot is a great one, but there is a $2000 “training” fee at the front end.

Well, my search is over.  I found a service called Spokal, and it does exactly what I need at a reasonable cost.  If you wait a little while, the goodies come down in price.

In the next blog, I’ll tell you more about Spokal.  I’m still learning how to use it.  But, I’m so thrilled to find it, I had to introduce it to you.

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