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DYI Support

Small business owners are a smart bunch.  Everyday we meet entrepreneurs who know a thing or two about websites, social media, and internet marketing.  These savvy customers like doing things themselves, but something’s missing.  Something like the big picture.  Something like the time to do it yourself.

You can spend your every waking hour reading up on things.  You can go to workshops.  You can “Google it.”  Or, you can work with us and have a life.  You make the decisions, we do the heavy lifting.  Or, we’ll tell you how to do it yourself.

Here’s a Few of the Ways We Can Support You –

Marketing Planning

Action Step Prioritization


The Incredible Effectiveness of Landing Pages

Traditional SEO

Affordable, Aggressive Non-Traditional Search Engine Optimization

Target Your Market with Long Tail Keywords

How to Save Time

How to Save Money

What to Say on Social Media

How to Make Social Media Work for You

Content Management

Keyword Editing and Copy Writing

Make Your Home Page a Sticky Workhorse

Posting a Blog without Ever Writing a Word

Generating Backlinks

Curating a Free Online Magazine

Add an Interactive Form to Your Website

Entice Visitors to Give Your Their Emails and Build a Database

Effective Email Marketing




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Sometimes I write these posts. Sometimes I curate them from other sources. Either way, I hope they are useful to you.