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Who Are You?

Are you an ambitious business owner who is committed to success?  If you want to see results and are open to new, exciting ideas then we could be a perfect fit. We work with large companies,  micro one person enterprises, and everything else in between.   What they have in common is leadership that sees the incredible opportunities in the new world of marketing and PR.

All Marketing Has an Experimental Quality. 

We are interested in building trust-based relationships with business owners who are willing to experiment, test and measure until we find the “sweet spot” that produces predictable returns.  While we will recommend tactics we believe are the most promising, often it takes some tweaking to produce results.

All marketing carries a risk.  Our motto is “if it works keep doing it and make improvements.  If it doesn’t work…move on.” It’s the business owner who is willing to try new things based on sound research and experience who will excel in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

You’re Picky. We’re Picky Too.

Some marketing firms will take any client who has a check in their hand.  We don’t take on every business who contacts us.  We will only work with you if we think we can produce results.

Doing a great job requires enthusiasm, commitment and passion on our part.  We care deeply about your success and do more than we are asked to do.  This kind of relationship is based on trust, communication and honesty.  Whether you are a small client with a tight budget or a big company with more generous resources, we give it our all.  Follow us and we’ll get you where you want to go.

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