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Keyword Editing & Copywriting

Never before in the history of man have words held more importance.  Keyword editing is part science, part art.  It is the science of knowing the right words to use to attract search engines and influence readers.  It is the art of saying the right things to move the visitor to begin a relationship that results in a sale.

Our first step is to research the keywords that are most frequently used by the target market to find the products and services provided by our client.  We do a competitive analysis to uncover which keywords are popular, yet haven’t been overused, to determine where opportunities lie.

Together with our clients we determine the message and the strategy that will grow a business.  We have written scores of websites, brochures, ads, billboards and collateral materials.   Our efforts have included assisting clients in writing ebooks and video scripts to broaden their marketing reach.

In the end no copy is effective if it doesn’t convert visitors to buyers.  That is how we measure success.

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