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Google Pay-Per-Click

Want to guarantee you’re at the top for your keyword search terms?

When you see “Sponsored Links” at the top of Google, that’s Google Adwords, or Pay-Per-Click at work.  The ideal is for you to come up at the top of the Sponsored Links and organically from your SEO efforts.  Trained by Google, we’ve been setting up and managing Adword campaigns for many years.

Pay-Per-Click is great because it gives you a lot of control.  You can –

  • Guarantee you will appear at the top of a search
  • Determine your budget and spend what you want
  • Write your ads and experiment with them
  • Run ads when you want and stop with you want
  • Determine where you want your ads to run
  • Get immediate results
  • Great for a new business with no domain authority

But, there’s a downside! (isn’t there always?)

  • The learning curve – it’s hard to learn, hard to understand, a lot of work to get through the “experimentation phase”
  • “It’s set up for techies, by techies.”
  • There’s often not immediate, significant results (especially for local advertisers).  “21 clicks to the site after the ad was seen by 80,000 people?” 
  • High “bounce rate” for people who click into an ad and bounce right off the site.
  • Click fraud and “thumb slips” by users of mobile phones who click on ads by mistake.
  • Lack of people on the phone to help answer questions at Google. 
  • Lack of transparency about pricing and the Google auction system for bidding since you can’t see what others are bidding.
  • Big companies are driving up the prices as they shift more money to search advertising
  • You can spend/waste a lot of money if you don’t set up the controls properly.
  • It requires an ongoing investment in time to manage a successful AdWords or PPC advertising campaign.  Prices are always changing, keyword research continues to need to be done, back-end web analytics work needs to be done constantly to learn what’s working and what’s not for conversion.

Let us set one up for you and show you how Google Adwords can grow your business quickly!


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