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How the Marketing Machine Really Works

I received a call today from a hard working entrepreneur who was in a muddle as to how to market her business. She knew about all the right tools, blogging, social media, SEO, etc. But, she was all over the place. These things can be confounding if you don’t know the strategy and how it all works together.

This is compounded by the constant barrage of services that supply one tactic or another. Lots of online services want to help you with content. Others encourage you to use email marketing with their app. Sill other programs want to help you with social media. It’s easy to see why many small business owners are totally confused, and often have lost money on these one note Charlies.

It’s actually a system. The strategy is to get people to your website, where you can convince them to do business with you.

Marketing Cycle

Taking each tactic on it’s own is not going to lead to success. Simply doing email marketing, blasting out content and calls to action is not going to result in the returns you might expect. Blogging in and of itself is wasted time if you’re not sending out social media posts directing your followers to your blog. Each of your blog posts can be repurposed. For instance, you should now be posting your blog post on Linkedin as well.

Now, this is somewhat of an over simplification. And, each part of this scheme has to be done well. But, it is wise to understand that each of these tactics works within a machine. They work together to accomplish your goals. If you follow the cycle consistently, that is what will lead to success.

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