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Entrepreneur Savvy: Are You a Finder or a Grinder? Or, Some Percentage of Each?

They say it takes all kinds. Entrepreneurs fall into two categories: Finders and Grinders. Successful people have elements of each, but are happiest when they are in sync with who they really are. What percentage of you is a Finder? How much of you is a Grinder?

Finders are the people who love to sell. They get excited about a new prospect. If the chase excites you, then you are a Finder. Thrilled by building something from the ground up? You are a Finder.

Finders are top down thinkers. They see things from 10,000 feet. They are conceptual. “I’ve got a great idea”, is something a Finder would say. Finders are thought leaders. They want things to happen, but don’t bother them too much with the details or how to get there. Once they come up with a great concept, they will figure out how to make it work.

Finders love the sound of their own voice. Public speakers are Finders. They like being the center of attention. Standing in front of an audience is one of their favorite places to be. Finders can be funny and entertaining. They make great trainers.

Finders can be easily distracted. They take on too much and have trouble saying no. They can also be guilty of chasing the next shiny thing, especially if it is their own shiny thing.

Numbers are an afterthought to Finders. Who cares about the numbers? Numbers are just a means to an end. Finders are people pleasers and want to make everyone happy. Numbers get in the way.

Finders can work on several projects at the same time. They are multi-tasking demons. They are excitable, engaging, and creative. People are attracted to Finders because of their big personalities. They exude confidence and charisma. They work for the win.

Their desk is a mess, but they know where everything is.

Finders get bored if the phone doesn’t ring. Yakking on the phone doesn’t exhaust them. It energizes them.

Finders outsource, delegate and assign. Finders marry Grinders, which really works for the Finder.

Taken too far a Finder can become a blow-hard, full of himself or herself. They can overshadow quieter people and suck all the air out of the room. In the right amount a Finder is not only a wonderful asset to any business, they are critical.


Want to get things done? Ask a Grinder. Grinders make things happen. They are the planners, the ones who write down action steps and work them.

Give a Grinder a goal and they can immediately see the steps to that goal. Grinders live in the details, up close. They like specificity. Their brains work like clockwork. They like checklists, and even better, checking things off.

If you find someone in the office on the weekend, he or she will be a Grinder. Grinders will work weekends, when the phones aren’t ringing and they will like it.

Nothing suits a Grinder better than being locked in a room with a computer, no windows, and no distractions. Grinders don’t gab on the phone with anyone for long leisurely conversations. They look up from their work and 6 hours have gone by.

Grinders are serious. They have things to do. They focus. They concentrate. They are direct and to the point. Grinders push the agenda forward. They work for recognition. They work for the pleasure of seeing things get done.

Grinders build the board and the committees, keep them informed, and get them to meetings. Did anyone take notes? It will be the Grinder.
Grinders make terrific writers and fantastic networkers. It fact, they are often the person behind the organization. Grinders make everyone look good. People like Grinders because they can be trusted. They are dependable.

Grinders enjoy numbers and understand them. They know how things work, including the copier. They saved the manual and know where to find it.

Their desk is clean and they know where everything is.

Grinders bring reality to the table. They know a stupid idea when they see one, see the flaws in a plan, and figure out how to fix it. Finders bug Grinders because Finders come up with lots of great ideas and have no idea how to make it happen. So, guess who gets that assignment?

Grinders don’t outsource or delegate well. They would rather do it themselves and get it right the first time.

When Grinders marry Finders, the success of both increases greatly and proves that Grinders can be very patient people.

If taken too far and allowed to ferment, a Grinder can become an anal-retentive, punctuation-loving, pessimistic crank who wants to correct everyone’s writing. Reminded to have fun and that it takes all kinds, a Grinder can be the organization’s bedrock.

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