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The Day that SEO Died (Sort Of)

Search engine optimization professionals awoke yesterday morning to news that Google went “all in” on its initiatives to encrypt search data. Today, 100 percent of the referrer data on search queries from organic traffic is not provided. Folks, this is the day that SEO (as you know...
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Let Your Strategy Dictate Your Tactics

It will be up to you to develop your own strategy.   Sorry, there’s no secret little book or resource to hand one over to you.  This is your job.  You have to figure it out.  However, I will share several strategies which have worked for various businesses and...
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Your Personal Photo is Your Brand

Since I’ve been concentrating on Linkedin, I notice something totally disconcerting.  So many people, even professionals, use snapshots rather than professional photos.  I see images where people look surprised they are being photographed, or worse, wacky.  Images of you with your kids, hugging your partner in front...
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