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About us in a nutshell

Marketing Impressions is a small boutique marketing agency with a broad range of experience.  We work like a general contractor using only the best sub-contractor experts to produce results for our clients.    This gives us the flexibility to adapt to almost any budget and still provide high quality services.

We don’t have expensive employees on high salaries. For over 27 years our business model has allowed us to provide top quality services and work products at highly competitive rates.

See the information to the right for a more detailed explanation of how we work.  For a one-on-one brainstorming consult on what we can do for your company, please call 619-660-6730.


Short Info

How it works
Our first step is to sit down with you and explore your goals.  We want to know what you have done effectively in the past and what you would like to accomplish.   Some decision makers want a proposal, and we are happy to provide one.  Click to view a sample proposal.
Next, we will analyze your website, collateral materials and competitors.  In some cases we will write out a marketing plan to give us a grounding in the strategies and tactics we intend to implement.  Included in that endeavour would be a prioritized “punch list” or action plan to keep us on track.  We will also agree upon a budget you are comfortable with.  Click to view a sample website services proposal.
Move Forward
We’re not big on wasting time.  Once we have agreed upon a plan, we start taking steps immediately to move you and your business forward.  We make it easy for you by keeping you informed and supporting the decisions only you can make.   There might be some things you want to do yourself, so we determine who will do what…and keep the ball in play.
Of course, it takes time to see results and we will make you aware of what you must invest to reap rewards. We don’t ask you to sign a contract or commit to working with us for a set period of time.  We believe that if our relationship is working and productive, you will stick with us.  If it isn’t producing the results you want, we will know it and part as friends.
Some of our clients are on monthly retainers.  Some projects have a start and a finish.  Our terms are easy and flexible.


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