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Let Your Strategy Dictate Your Tactics

It will be up to you to develop your own strategy.   Sorry, there’s no secret little book or resource to hand one over to you.  This is your job.  You have to figure it out.  However, I will share several strategies which have worked for various businesses and perhaps yours fits into the same category.

 Developing your strategy is based on how your target market thinks, the “culture” developed around your business, product or service and your own creative thinking.  As an example, the first strategy we are going to discuss is pizza! 

 You might think all pizzas are created equally, but that is hardly the case.  Some pizzas serve the purpose of getting the kids fed, taking care of a sports crowd, or just taking care of a quick meal.  Other pizzas are a culinary experience in a festive atmosphere.  They couldn’t be less alike.  So, we’re going to compare two pizza businesses and see how their strategies differ. 

 Dominic’s Pizza is all about convenience.   In fact, what Dominic’s is really selling is delivery.  It’s not about how the pizza tastes…it’s about getting an inexpensive pizza easily and without bother.  Dominic’s strategy is to “emphasize delivery and low price.”  It could be cardboard painted to look like pizza, and some people think it is!  All that matters is that it gets there quickly and cheaply.

 Tammy’s Woodfired Pizza, served by waiters and waitresses in a cute little restaurant is all about atmosphere, ambience, a fun experience and good food shared with family or friends.  It’s not about pizza either…it’s about entertainment.  Eating out is the number one form of entertainment in America today.  It is romantic, fun and strongly associated with social activities.  Tammy’s Woodfired Pizza strategy is “act like it’s entertainment.”

These two dramatically different strategies beget dramatically different advertising plans and tactics, even though their target markets may not be all that different.

 Dominic’s Pizza must hammer the message that its product is convenient and cheap. Where is the best place to carry that message?  Tammy’s Woodfired Pizza is about lunch or dinner in a cute restaurant, basically a form of entertainment.  Can you see how the tactics they deploy would be very different?  Let your strategy dictate your tactics.


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