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7 Weird Ways to Market Your Business for Free or Almost Free

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When you are in business, you get email solicitations for all kinds of services to help you attract customers. Most of them are costly. But, there are many ways to market on line for free, or almost free. Use these stunning, creative tools instead.

1. – My personal favorite. You can get a pro to write an email solicitation, create a whiteboard video, design a logo, make a TV Newscast about you, and much more…all for just $5. Be generous and give them a $10 tip.
2. – This answers the question “what do I tweet about?” In fact it answers any questions you have as well. List yourself as an expert, answer questions, and then tweet them out. Job done. Free.
3. – Turn your docs, PPT, brochures, flyers, newsletters, and more into professional-looking, interactive web booklets customers want to flip, social posts they want to click, and emails they want to read. Every Simplebooklet you make has its own web address that you can post, pin, share, email, and embed anywhere. Free.
4. – Create animated videos and presentations for free. A cartoon encourages you to lower your guard and stop asking grown-up questions. If you want to bust out of the serious world of words, this is for you. Free.
5. – Create an online newsletter on your topic and connect with people without ever writing a word. will search the internet daily and serve up everything on your topic, which you can then “curate,” and add your own comments. I know someone with 17,000 followers with this. Free.
6. – YouTube is second only to Google as a search engine. Make a video using PowerPoint slides. Quick, easy and no video skill required. Cheap.
7. – Marketing Automation for the little guy. Helps you to post your blog and promote it with prompts, keyword searches, images and more. Call and talk to Chris…a real human being. Cheap.

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